Hannah Votano


Chemical peels

Peel Level 1: $75

The perfect introduction to chemical peels. These introductory peels are great for first time peel clients and/or those who have sensitive skin. There is no down-time after these peels and they will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh with a boost of radiance!

Peel Level 2: $175

These chemical peels are more specific and targeted. These peels are targeted for concerns such as clear skin and bright skin. Post treatment, the skin may have a slight flushed appearance, but will be glowing!

Peel Level 3: $200

These peels are designed for all skin types, except sensitive. It is likely for the skin to have slight redness post treatment with visible improvement in skin conditions and texture after one service.

Chemical peels

Please be advised that all service options are listed below, but not all technicians provide the same services. Your options are listed above. For more information call 781-472-2536.